Benjamin Lykens

After serving 4-years in the military and then completing his Bachelors, Benjamin transitioned into the civilian career field intent on bringing new ideas and strategies to the workplace. Ben has dedicated countless hours refining his skills by way of researching, studying, and later mastering Excel; eventually earning an advanced training certification for his efforts. 

Today, as the founder of Herschel Consulting, Ben has dedicated his career to developing new and innovative strategies to help businesses use their data more effectively.  Ben has developed tools capable of streamlining data extraction, analysis, and reports to help your business, big or small, grow to achieve its potential.


Patrick Ricci

Originally from the Washington D.C area, Patrick took his expertise to Delaware to join Herschel Consulting.  With a degree in Business Administration and years of various financial industry experience, he has the skills and knowledge to help any business flourish.


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